18/850-10 6PR TL Redwing Turf 24 RX Aramid S-Block Tyre

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1) Redesigned shoulder featuring a unique sub-tread tie bar
The tie bar connects the 2 shoulder lugs together resulting in a flexible traction bar that minimizes turf damage and maximizes grip when you need it

2) Even thicker rubber
Deeper, thicker shoulder making it even harder to puncture

3) 4PR, 6PR & Puncture Resistant 6PR RX Aramid options available.
You'll find the load rating you need in the tyre you love. The RX Aramid reinforcement belts ‘drape’ over the shoulders extending the puncture resistance to the upper sidewalls

4) Strong, robust carcass and sidewalls
Tough enough to compete on equal terms with the leading brands of tyres

O.D. 465mm
S.W. 198mm
Load 491Kg
Rim Width 7.00
Tread Depth 7.85mm